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How to Maintain a New BMW Car

How to Maintain a New BMW Car

BMW cars ooze luxury and class. However, they do come with a hefty price tag, so it isn’t something you’ll be keen on replacing regularly. If you’ve recently got a new BMW car and want to ensure it lasts long without any problems, here are a few tips to help your BMW stay excellent and healthy for longer.


Clean It Regularly

The most efficient way to keep your car looking good is to clean it. Apart from regular car washes, you should also keep the interiors clean by vacuuming and wiping them. You should also care for your upholstery.


Maintaining Your Car

Another essential tip to remember is regular maintenance. It isn’t about the looks but how your vehicle functions. The only way your car will function is when you maintain it regularly. Here are a few things to keep in mind for proper maintenance.


Fluid Checks

It is essential to regularly check the fluids in your car and replace them whenever needed. Your engine oil should be replaced as per the model you’ve purchased and what the manual states. You should also ensure that all parts are lubricated so they do not get jammed after continuous use.


Cleaning Your Air Filter

Cleaning the air filter is vital for optimal engine function because the air rotation inside the vehicle indirectly contributes to fuel economy. If the air filter is dirty, your engine will need to put in more effort to rotate the air and consume more fuel, thereby bringing down your vehicle's performance.


Tire Maintenance

You must maintain the tires well if you want your BMW to run smoothly. Monitor your tire pressure monitor to ensure your tires are properly inflated. You should also rotate your tires at least once a year. When the tread is worn out, replace your tires.


Brake Inspection

It’s also important to check your brake fluids and functionality. Again, if you feel something is off, don’t waste time and get it checked by a professional, as this is a matter of safety.


Professional Detailing

Although keeping your car clean and maintaining it is essential, if you want your BMW to stand out, you should consider professional detailing and BMW maintenance services in Vancouver. Detailing involves professionally cleaning the upholstery and interiors of your car, polishing the lights, and making the car as good as new.



Although under the luxury segment, BMW cars are easy to maintain when done correctly. Regular maintenance doesn’t cost much and can increase the lifespan of your vehicle. If you’re looking for the latest 2023 BMW cars, contact us at Brian Jessel.

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