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BMW iX 2022 vs Tesla Model X

BMW iX 2022 vs Tesla Model X

BMW and Tesla are both performance and luxury vehicle marques, so it is not surprising that when the new BMW iX hits the market, it's naturally compared to the world's best known electric SUV, the Tesla Model X.


The Tesla is available in two forms, the standard and the Plaid. The Plaid is the one that gets all the press due to its 1,000hp output. It would be unfair to compare this model to the iX, so we have a BMW iX 2022 vs.Tesla Model X comparison on standard models. 


Read on to see how these two vehicles stack up next to each other.




These vehicles have very different faces. The BMW retains its distinctive large, kidney-shaped grille, slim headlights, and wide air scoops to cool the batteries. The front of the iX has a very distinct BMW look.


The Tesla has a very bland exterior. A vast expanse of metal at the front is broken only by a thin black band surrounding the logo. 


The Tesla has few body creases, and it is very sleek and streamlined.


At the rear, the Tesla slopes down to a simple rear-end with large taillight clusters. The iX has elegant slimline taillights fitted into a sporty-looking, muscular bottom with fascinating little flares where the tailpipes would be on an ICE vehicle.


The BMW looks like its ICE counterparts with interesting body lines, beautiful wheels, and a distinctive shape.


The BMW wins the exterior looks competition hands down, with its exciting features compared to the smooth, featureless Tesla.





Tesla's interior is very bland and one-dimensional. The dash is dominated by an enormous touch screen that controls everything within the vehicle. This car is the epitome of minimalism regarding an interior, with large blocks of colour on the dash and door cards. The unloved yoke-type steering wheel is carried over to 2022.


The Tesla offers no Apple Car Play or Android Auto, which is not acceptable today.


The BMW has a fresh, new design built around touch screens, but the design is top-notch, as is the build quality. The interior retains the look and feel of the BMW, and you can feel the care that went into selecting the materials and the placement of the screens.


Power Packs and Range



The Tesla, in its standard form, comes equipped with two electric motors that give a total of 670 hp and all-wheel drive. The range is estimated at 584km and 


The BMW also has two electric motors and an all-wheel drive. The total horsepower of the two motors is 516hp, and the vehicle has a range of 520km.


To Wrap Up



For the discerning driver looking for a premium marque EV, the BMW iX ticks all the boxes. It is stylish, powerful, safe, and comes with BMW's legendary service and support.


You’ll get all this from BMW for $43,000 less than the cost of the Tesla. The Tesla will cost you $123,600 and the BMW $79,990. Click here to browse our selection 


This is a vehicle that is at home around town and equally comfortable for that long drive. There is plenty of space for luggage, and five adults will travel comfortably.

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