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2021 BMW Infotainment Display Features

2021 BMW Infotainment Display Features

The BMW brand is indelibly associated with high performance coupled with upscale comfort. But while it may be the engineering under the hood that sets car fans' pulses racing, it's important not to overlook the infotainment features of a car when choosing which model to buy. The infotainment experience is central to the way you'll interact with the car on every drive, and if the system is slow, confusing, or lacking in features, it can quickly become hugely frustrating.


Luckily, the infotainment provision on 2021 BMW models is one of the best there is, and is based around possibly the largest touchscreen display seen on current production vehicles. Here are the main infotainment features you can expect from the latest BMW designs.


Huge Display, Versatile Control



Not so long ago, a 5" or 7" touchscreen was an impressive feature on a car. However, the displays included on 2021 BMW models are in a different class entirely. The top-line touchscreen display is now a mammoth 12.3", spanning a large proportion of the centre dash and providing plenty of screen real estate for running multiple apps at once.


But the display's quality is about more than simple size. As well as reacting to touch, it can also recognize voice commands, respond to gestures, and even be controlled by a remote device such as a tablet or smartphone.


But if even that's not enough flexibility, switch the display to head-up mode to see essential info projected to the windshield interior, with control transferred to a generous amount of knobs and buttons fitted handily onto the steering wheel.


Full Smartphone Integration



But an excellent screen is of no use if it can't be used to access a good range of functions. The latest BMW models now feature both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard, seamlessly integrating a huge range of apps direct into your dash. And importantly, both brands of smartphone can now be linked up fully wirelessly, removing the need for trailing, untidy cords.


But if you're not happy to use Google Maps, Waze, or other widely available navigation apps, BMW also offer in-built navigation on the larger touchscreen models, including real-time traffic and weather updates to keep you moving safely to your destination.


Other Infotainment Features



If the large touchscreen isn't impressive enough, high-end BMW models supplement it with a fully digital gauge cluster display placed behind the wheel. The TFT design means that the display is clear and readable in all light conditions, and the range of information that's shown can also be customized to suit the driver's needs.


And lastly, the advanced optional Harman Kardon system delivers true audiophile quality, with deep, clear bass and crisp upper details.


Experience the BMW Infotainment System for Yourself



A successful test drive needs to be about more than the performance and handling of a car. Until you've tried out the infotainment systems, it's hard to know how satisfying your daily driving experience will be. Book a test drive of any 2021 BMW model from our dealership, and experience the high-end infotainment features for yourself, whichever type of BMW you're looking to buy.

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