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2021 BMW 330e Qualifies for Federal EV Rebate in Canada

2021 BMW 330e Qualifies for Federal EV Rebate in Canada

2021 BMW 330e


As the hybrid version of the esteemed BMW 3 Series, the 330e has long been on the watch list for drivers who want to move toward lower emissions while keeping the style and performance of a BMW.


However, the newly announced 2021 330e comes with an extra, very welcome twist. In Canada, the model has been priced just low enough to qualify for a federal discount that makes this plugin hybrid even more affordable.


With starting prices of $44,950 for the base 330e model and $54,000 for the xDrive version, both cars sneak under the threshold for earning a federal green rebate of $2,500.


To qualify, the base level of an EV range must be available for less than $45k, which the 330e manages by a full $10. The same rebate is available for higher-end models of the same range which don't exceed $55k, a target the xDrive version manages to match precisely.


What's more, customers in BC have an extra bonus in the form of an added provincial credit worth $1,500 off the MSRP.


But aside from the welcome reductions in price, what can buyers of either 330e version expect?


Hybrid Powertrain Performance


The gasoline side of the hybrid powertrain is covered by a 2.0L turbo 4-cylinder engine producing a respectable 181 horsepower and 258lb-ft of torque. But this being a hybrid model, that modest rating isn't the end of the story.


The electric side of the hybrid configuration features an additional 113 horsepower motor, pushing the total output to 252 horsepower and 310lb-ft of torque. This is a genuinely impressive figure for a mainstream gas vehicle, never mind a hybrid design. However, when you need a quick performance uptick, the BMW XtraBoost system can push the output to a mighty 292hp for power blasts of up to ten seconds.


In the base version of the 330e, the power is passed to rear-wheel drive only, while the xDrive version is equipped with all-wheel drive.


2021 BMW 330e interior


Range and Fuel Economy


In electric-only mode, the 330e has a range of 35km, or 32km for the xDrive model. Fuel economy for the 2021 release has yet to be confirmed by Canadian authorities, but previous versions of the 330e achieved figures of 3.3L / 100km under European EV equivalent measurements. It's likely the 2021 release will see a substantial improvement.


Safety Systems


As well as benefiting from improved EV engine technology, the 330e includes several advanced driver assist systems. Standard features include frontal collision warnings with city mitigation, rear collision protection, blind spot alerts, cross-traffic alerts, and a lane departure warning system.


Optional extras include active cruise control, evasion assistance system with pedestrian detection, and lane-keeping assist with active side-collision avoidance.


And lastly, at speeds of up to 32km where the road noise is negligible, all models of the 2021 BMW 330e will generate a pedestrian-friendly warning noise from an exterior speaker system.


2021 BMW 330e Verdict


As qualifiers for the BMW EV rebate in Canada, the 2021  330e models represent great value for money. If you're looking to make the change to low-emission driving, the combination of superior hybrid performance with traditional BMW style and comfort makes the 330e a leading choice.

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