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2021 BMW X3 vs 2021 Mercedes GLC


Performance and Handling


Both cars feature a selection of engine options to choose from, and both models operate at the high-performance end of the market. However, the driving experience is about far more than raw engine power. The X3 is unusual for an SUV in handling more like a performance coupe than a family carrier, taking twisting corners in its stride with strong acceleration away from the bends.

What's more, the combination of torque-vectoring AWD and stiffer suspension means the BMW can be pushed more aggressively across a wide range of terrains, while always giving a true response to the drivers actions.

But that's not to say the Mercedes handles poorly. It's a smooth performer with plenty of power under the hood, but it's a lot more mannered and genteel compared to the X3's exciting sense of fun.


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Fuel Economy

Engine for engine, the BMW X3 tends to have better fuel economy than the equivalent Mercedes GLC model. For example, the rear-wheel drive version of the sDrive30i achieves a highly creditable 9.4L / 100km city and 8.1L on the highway, compared to the GLC300's figures of 10.7L (city) and 8.1 (highway).

Similarly, the BMW leads with the all-wheel drive versions of the same model, boasting 10.2L (city) and 81L (highway) compared to the GLC's 11.2L and 8.4L. And at the top end, the X3 M40i has an excellent economy rating of 11.2L / 8.7L compared to the GLC43 AMG's 13L / 9.8L.

Cargo Space


But the SUV arena is about more than engineering. Cargo capacity is an essential part of a compact crossover's utility, and the X3 wins out in this area. The rear row has a folding split of 40/20/40, with a maximum capacity of 1,775L compared to just 1,600L in the Mercedes. And even with a full complement of passengers, the X3 can carry 813L of cargo, while the Mercedes manages just 549L.

More Comprehensive Warranty

And lastly, both cars come with a limited warranty covering four years or 80,000km. However, the BMW X3 takes the edge with routine scheduled maintenance also covered for the first three years or 57,500km, potentially worth well over a thousand dollars.

Test Drive the 2021 BMW X3 in Vancouver

There are plenty of reasons why the X3 is the best-selling BMW of all time, shifting way over ten million units worldwide. Book a test drive of the 2021 BMW X3 from our Vancouver dealership, and see for yourself why it's such a consistent leader in the high-end compact SUV market.

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