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10% Off Service Repairs
10% Off Maintenance
10% Off Accessories

Member Rewards

Complimentary vehicle wash, 
vacuum, and safety inspection 
while you wait in our premium lounge.







Total Savings: $1,000

Become a Brian Jessel BMW Platinum Advantage Member and receive a personalized Platinum Advantage Membership card. The Platinum Advantage card has a value of $1,000 in credit, which can be used to take 10% off your service repairs, parts and/or accessories purchases.

In addition to these great savings, you will also receive bonus offers exclusive to our Platinum Advantage Members (see Member Rewards).

Present your Platinum Advantage card to a Brian Jessel BMW Parts and/or Service Advisor at the time of your purchase or appointment, and we will deduct 10% off the cost of your service repair, parts, and/or accessories purchase.

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