BMW Corporate Sales

BMW Corporate Sales - Brian Jessel BMW

Designed to address the needs of companies and individuals, the Brian Jessel BMW Corporate Sales Program turns any commute into a rewarding experience.

With access to the full line of our High-performance, luxury BMW vehicles, you'll enjoy all the convenience, innovation, and safety that our vehicles offer. With both leasing and purchasing options available, we offer generous financial incentives, and additional benefits like No-Charge Scheduled Maintenance, innovative EfficientDynamics - for more power with less fuel - and our sleek and advanced ConnectedDrive technologies.

Brian Jessel BMW is proud to offer vehicles that are more than just transportation for your staff - they reflect the success and drive of your organization.

You qualify for the Brian Jessel BMW Corporate Sales program based on the following:

-Your company owns or operates five or more registered vehicles.

-You're an employee with a fixed monthly or yearly car allowance.

-You're employed by one of BMW Group's preferred partner companies.

-You're a member of one of our registered professional associations.

-You're a past or present member of the Canadian military.

If you have any questions about our Corporate Sales program, please contact Valentino Almeida at 604-307-1965 or fill up the form below: