The BMW i3: Tailor-Made for Vancouver Drivers?


Packed with BMW's legendary performance, luxury and technology, the nearly-futuristic looking BMW i3 is tailor made for Vancouver drivers.

Want to know what we are talking about? Get behind the wheel of the BMW i3 at Vancouver's Brian Jessel BMW showroom. Take it for a test drive through the city, or put it's full capabilities to the test on the Sea to Sky highway or the South Fraser Perimeter Road.

Due to generous use of carbon fibre and aluminum, the i3 is lightweight, contributing to it's stellar performance, and the car benefits from BMW's finely-balanced handling and responsive steering. Making it's way from zero to 100 in 6.9 seconds, this electric car offers better acceleration than many gasoline-powered vehicles. If that's not enough for you, it's top speed of 160 km/h should grab your attention. Depending on selected drive mode, the i3's range is between 160 and 200 km. An available range extender model incorporates a small 2-cylinder gasoline engine to generate extra power for the battery, extending it's range to 330 km.

Dispelling common misconceptions of electric vehicles, the BMW i3 is a perfect example of an electric vehicle that does not require any compromises. Blending eco-friendly technology with luxury, the i3 succeeds where it's rivals fail.

Boasting a unique, unconventional look, the i3 is instantly recognizable on the road. It's modern design characteristics feature dual-colour painted surfaces and short, projecting edges. The streaming flow of the windows make them appear to be one solid surface and provide a spacious panoramic view. Riding on 19"  and 20" alloy wheels, the car and it's brilliantly coloured modern colour schemes express individuality.

The car's rearward-hinged rear doors offer easy access to it's rear seats and manipulation of cargo. Just like all other BMW vehicles, the upscale cabin is filled with exceptional comforts and conveniences. It seats up to four inside it's roomy cabin. Full of innovative technologies, this car will keep you connected to the outside world. Optional packages of extras are available to upgrade your i3, including natural wood accents, leather and wool seating surfaces, larger wheels, parking sensors and premium audio.

Refreshed for 2018, this four-door, four-passenger battery-electric hatchback now comes equipped with an upgraded infotainment system and LED headlights. It also boasts a much sportier look than it's predecessor. Daniel Wechner, the designer behind the refreshed i3 models said "The major feedback we got was customers wanted it to be sportier...BMW is a sporty brand." It's lower, wider and has a bit more horsepower and torque

If you're considering an emissions-free car for your next vehicle, consider the i3. The BMW i3, available in Vancouver at Brian Jessel BMW is tailor made for Vancouver drivers. Drop by the showroom or schedule a test drive today, and see for yourself how luxurious electric cars can be. You'll enjoy excellent performance, modern looks, luxurious comfort and state of the art technology.