BMW's Most Capable Engines


BMW are highly regarded for their powerful engines. They have a global reputation for producing some of the most capable engines in the world. The company is highly regarded for its innovative manufacturing process which keeps them ahead of the competition. Here is a rundown of BMW's most capable engines. 

Twinpower Turbo Diesel Engine

The first engine on our list is a member of the BMW EfficientDynamics series. These engines prioritize efficiency, without giving up power. You can find this engine in the 3 Series, 5 Series, and the latest X3 models. This is a cleaner engine that does not compromise on the classic BMW performance and design. The lightweight aluminum allows for more efficiency and lowers fuel consumption. Additionally, the engine remains strong during the rev range which covers the majority of your driving. This high-performance diesel engine is reliable and looks to be a mainstay in the premium BMW lineups. The low emissions and low driving friction provide a world-class driving experience that we have come to expect from BMW.

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BMW i8 Hybrid Powertrain

The next engine on our list has been given serious acclaim. It even won the prize for "Best Hybrid Powertrain". This powertrain was initially developed in 2014 and it has undergone a few updates since then. The prize was awarded because the journalists felt as though the engine provided a superior driving experience, and it was rated highly for its technical specifications. The 1.5-liter triple charged engine is paired with the electric motor. This combination works fantastically for the rear wheels. Many have noted how smooth the driving experience is, and this is why the engine continues to be so highly regarded. The impressive specs are backed up with a fantastic driving experience. The sport mode also allows the engine to recharge its battery. This is the fifth award in five years that this engine has picked up. The hybrid powertrain engine within the i8 continues to impress. 

B48 2.0 Liter Turbocharged Four-Cylinder

One of the most flexible and adaptable engines in the BMW lineup is the B48. This has been used in many different models. This four-cylinder engine can be seen in virtually every current lineup. It provides a smooth driving experience alongside efficiency. It also ranks highly in the power department. This makes the engine a fantastic all-rounder, and it is no wonder that it has been so highly utilized. In each of the models where it is present, there is clear power to be seen. Many reviewers laud the B48 and have even regarded it as the best four-cylinder engine in the world. 


The next BMW engine that is also wowing critics is the B58. This six-cylinder engine will be at the forefront of the BMW lineup. It is presently seen in some of the X series vehicles. From 2020, it will be included in many 7 Series and 3 Series BMW vehicles. The cylinder block within the engine is closed deck. This design makes it stronger than the open deck which was present in the previous versions of the engine. It allows the engine to be more suitable for high loads, and higher pressure. Additionally, it is also structurally strong. The pressure control is also highly accurate. The B58 is at the front of BMW's ‘powertrain' lineup which showcases new ideas and innovative designs. The quick throttle response provides an excellent driving experience.


One of the newest engines to look forward to from BMW is the S58. This engine is poised to be the face of the M lineup for many years to come. It will be included in some of the current X3 and X5 models. This 3.0-liter engine has been designed to maximize high performance. The torque levels show that this engine is incredibly powerful. There are two mono-scroll turbochargers that work to provide compressed air to the cylinders. The engine has been designed with the lowest possible weight to ensure that the same world-class driving experience can be attained. This is an engine that has a lot of promise and the specs are very exciting. We look forward to seeing it in action. 

All of these BMW engines pack a powerful punch. They allow BMW models to run efficiently with their fuel-saving mechanisms. However, they also allow serious speeds to be attained. The engines mentioned here are key examples of why BMW continues to dominate in the high-performance automotive category. We are excited to see the evolution of these engines within the next decade, as it seems as though BMW will carry on their innovative approach toward engine production. Put BMW's most capable engines to the test in Vancouver by treating yourself to an exhilarating test drive at Brian Jessel BMW.