BMW Demonstrator Vehicles


If you are looking to get yourself an even better deal on a luxury car or SUV, you may want to explore our selection of BMW demonstrator vehicles. Practically new, demonstrator vehicles are occasionally made available at outstanding prices. Typically, current models, these high-quality vehicles are an excellent opportunity to get yourself an excellent deal.

Not found on random car lots, these vehicles are only offered by BMW dealers. If you'd like to explore our selection of BMW demonstrator vehicles here in Vancouver, visit Brian Jessel BMW on Boundary Road. We currently have over 20 available in our inventory, making it easy for you to score a great deal on one of them.

If you are not familiar with the term, demonstrator vehicles, or demo cars as they are sometimes called, have only been driven for a very short time, usually by dealership employees, their family members or customers. These vehicles tend to have few miles on them, less than 10,000 km, but in most cases around 3,000 km. 

Since they have never been officially sold, they are considered "new". Since they are still "new" cars, they may even be eligible for rebates, warranty and special promotions too. Priced below that of an undriven vehicle, this can be a great way to score a deal. Wear and tear is practically non-existent, as both employees and customers tend to treat these premium, luxury vehicles with care and attention. 

We list all of our currently available demo vehicles on our website. Each listing includes photos, mileage and all of the details related to each vehicle in particular. With all of the information in one place, it is easy to compare and see what a great deal you can get when purchasing a demonstrator vehicle. These discounts can go a long way to putting you behind the wheel of the car of your dreams. 

We can offer you access to our full selection of demon models, listed right here on our website. In brand new condition with a little bit of mileage on them, they are practically new cars. Discover the advantages of demonstrator vehicles in Vancouver at Brian Jessel BMW. Visit us at your convenience for a first-class experience, or browse our listings online from the comfort of your home, before dropping by for a thrilling test drive. Get behind the wheel today!