2018 BMW X3 Sport Activity Vehicle: Thrilling Elegance


Just imagine yourself driving the 2018 BMW X3 along windy roads in and around Vancouver on a sunny day!

There is nothing like driving a well-constructed German luxury vehicle such as a BMW. It feels solid on the road and offers thrilling performance, effortlessly. Even something as simple as the act of closing the door seems oddly satisfying in your hand and ears. At Brian Jessel BMW, we understand well-made vehicles and we would be thrilled to demonstrate the BMW difference to you.

The 2018 BMW X3 is no exception. Completely redone for the 2018 model-year, this third generation has withstood the test of time. All new for this year is an incredible engine, a little more legroom, and a few pounds shaved off. Refinement is through the roof, and performance is best in class. That was the goal with this update - luxury, comfort, performance and refinement, exactly what comes to mind when one thinks of BMW.

Like all BMWs, this sport activity vehicle is athletic and powerful, while maintaining its luxury and elegance simultaneously. Yes, it's a utility vehicle, but it's a utility vehicle that drives like a sports car thanks to an amazing engine. The X3 travels from 0 to 100km/h in a neck-snapping 4.8 seconds. This is made possible thanks to BMW's 3.0L inline 6-cylinder 355-hp engine. All of this power is managed through an 8-speed automatic, complete with paddle shifters and all-wheel drive. Even with this fantastic performance capability, fuel consumption remains at a respectable 8.2L/100km.

Always a leader when it comes to tech wizardry, BMW has packed its 2018 X3 with some futuristic toys. Forget the standard little infotainment screens found in most modern vehicles. The X3 is now available with gesture control - simply twirl your fingers in the air to change the radio station! Of course, there is an in-dash screen, but BMW likes to offer real buttons and dials to its customers, ergonomically placed for comfort and safety. An assortment of semi-autonomous safety features is available, including BMW's own EvasionAid. BMW also offers a long list of tech gadgets to choose from, taking the X3 to the next level.

Inside the very quiet cabin, expect plenty of luxury. The 2018 X3 offers three-zone climate control, heated 10-direction-adjustable sport seats in the front with 40/20/40 split reclining rear seats and lots of comfort throughout. A larger panoramic sunroof brings extra light inside. There are 550 litres of cargo space in the back, and up to 1,600 litres with the rear seats folded down.

While plenty of upgrades are available, the 2018 comes with lots of high-end treats. M Sport Aerodynamics, M Sport brakes, M Sport Exhaust are just a few of the standard features riding atop of its (also standard) 21-inch wheels.

Luxury, refinement and performance combined make the 2018 BMW X3 a treat to drive. Experience the difference yourself by contacting Brian Jessel BMW in Vancouver for a test drive today!