Valentino Almeida - Vancouver's BMW Sales Pro


Valentino earned a degree in biochemistry and began his career in the auto industry by working at GM while still living in the Middle East. After relocating to Canada in 1995, Val had a brief stint at Chrysler before getting the opportunity to join Brian Jessel BMW at the former location in Langley. He jumped at the chance to enter the luxury automobile segment, and has been a BMW Sales Master every year since that first year in the 2 car showroom out in Langley.

What accounts for Val's success as one of the top luxury car sales people in the country? In his own words, "Make the customer feel comfortable and welcome, just as you would if you were inviting them into your own home." This spirit of treating customers as valued guests extends to all aspects of Brian Jessel BMW's business, and can be seen in our five-star customer lounge, complimentary beverages and snacks, and services like home delivery and pick-up of customer vehicles.

This level of customer care extends into the finance office as well. Valentino attributes Brian Jessel BMW's continued success in part to this attention to detail by financial services managers and sales consultants. "BMW Financial has really improved things as far how long it takes to get approved. Customers can be in and out of the business office in 30 minutes" Val reports. "That's part of sales. Make it easy for the customer." That includes making it easy for customers to understand what their monthly payments will be for a vehicle by having some numbers prepared for them. "If you have something already packaged for the customer, so you can present a monthly payment and they can visualize it, they'll go for it. It takes that preparation beforehand, to get your numbers straight and have it ready for them." That's part of the work ethic behind the warm smile and handshake that makes someone a BMW Canada Gold Sales Master-year after year.

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