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2023 BMW M3

The BMW M3 is an established favourite among luxury performance-car enthusiasts. Undoubtedly, the M3 will continue to be one of the most desirable five-seater BMW models in 2023. Buyers can expect breathtaking takeoff power combined with exceptionally smooth and delicate handling around corners due to the car’s perfectly balanced chassis, adaptive suspension dampers, and rear differential sport suspension.

Upgrades From 2022

The 2023 M3 has a larger full-colour infotainment touchscreen and instrument cluster standard, while BMW has discontinued the gesture control feature in newer models.

Engine and Performance

The 2023 BMW M3 can be purchased in two trims: The Base rear-wheel drive, six-cylinder, six-speed manual transmission 3.0L turbocharged engine, or the Competition M xDrive all-wheel drive with a more powerful, six-cylinder, eight-speed automatic engine.

The Base engine produces a maximum torque of 406 lb-ft and 473 horsepower, and it can go from zero to 100 kph in 4.2 seconds. The xDrive kicks out 479 lb-ft of torque and 503 hp, and it can hit 100 kph in just 3.9 seconds.

With the 59-litre fuel tank, the new M3 will get about 6.8km/L in the city and 9.77km/L on the highway, or about 8km/L combined under normal conditions. Advanced adjustable drive modes allow you to change how the vehicle responds to different driving conditions and terrains.

Exterior Options

The 2023 M3 comes in 12 exterior metallic colours, including Toronto Red Metallic, Isle of Man Green Metallic, and Frozen Pure Grey II Metallic. Choosing any of these increases the buying price $895 to $4,900. A carbon fibre roof and LED headlights are standard.

The Base configuration comes with 48.26cm/50.8cm forged double-spoke, 825M, jet black, performance, non-RFT wheels. The xDrive has standard 48.26cm/50.8cm forged double-spoke, 826M, Jet Black, performance, non-RFT wheels. There are five available upgrades, which gives you the option of track tires and Orbit Grey rims, which will add $750 to $1,250 to the price.

Interior Options

The M3 has a massive array of state-of-the-art entertainment technology and luxury features, including a 16-speaker Harman Kardon premium sound system, leather seats, a 37.84cm full-colour touchscreen, a navigation system, and smartphone integration with wireless connectivity.

Upgrading to the available Executive Package will give you a heads-up display, adaptive headlights, a heated steering wheel, a sunroof, and carbon ceramic brakes.

Driver-Assistance Features

The M3 has standard driver-assistance aids such as forward collision warning, lane departure warning, automatic emergency braking, and blind-spot warning. The Competition xDrive is available with an additional driver safety package that includes adaptive cruise control, rear and front cross-traffic alert, and a lane-keeping assist system.

What’s Next?

You’ll be able to purchase the 2023 BMW M3 Base trim at a starting price of $93,235 or the Competition xDrive trim at a starting price of $100,135. Contact Brian Jessel BMW now to speak with one of our professional representatives, who’ll start the buying process by booking a test drive for you today.